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Game type: Table Game

Game Description

  • Place your bets by clicking on your desired spot on the board. You can place a bet on a number, color, odds or a group of numbers on the Roulette table as follows:

    • Player can bet on any or all betting spots by clicking on the spot.
    • Player cannot bet on both of the off-setting Even Money bets at the same time.
      • Red and Black
      • Even and Odd
      • 1-18 and 19 - 36
    • Player can only bet on a maximum 2 of the 3 following 2:1 bets at the same time.
      • Column
      • Dozen

    After the player makes bets, they spin. A ball in the wheel lands in one of the numbered slots to determine the winning number.

How to Play

How to Play Single Zero Roulette [156KB]