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How to Play

  1. To begin a game, a bet amount must be selected. The bet is compulsory and starts play. To select the bet amount, click on the green plus and minus keys at the bottom left of the screen until you reach the desired bet amount. Note: The amount of bet you set will be multiplied by the amount of hands in the game; in this case 5. The total bet window (to the right of the bet selectors) always shows the total amount bet.

  2. The bet max button: If you select the bet max button, the maximum bet allowed in the game will be divided between the number of hands playable in the game. Example: Maximum bet (Example $1000) divided by the number of hands playable (5) = 5 hands staking $200 each hand – $1000 in total.

  3. Click on the Deal button to confirm your bet and turn over the first 5 cards on the main hand of the five hands you are playing. The main hand is larger than the others and is the hand that is used as the "control panel" for the others.

  4. At this stage you should decide whether you wish to hold or discard each of the cards in the main hand. You have one opportunity to exchange weak cards in the main hand (and consequently in the other hands) for new cards, which are drawn at random. The cards will be regarded as "to be discarded and replaced" unless they are selected by clicking the hold button under the card (click on the button again to deselect it if you wish).

    • If you hold a card, you will see that the exact card will be mirrored and held in 5 hands being played. This means that if you hold all five cards (because you have been dealt a flush for example); you will have five identical hands in the result of that game.
    • If you do not hold a particular card in the main hand, different random cards will be drawn for each of the 5 hands in the same position as the card in the main hand.

    Note: There is an Auto hold feature which automatically holds cards that will guarantee a win. Click on the card again to deselect it if you wish.

    Once you have selected the cards you wish to hold/replace in the main/other hands, you are ready to proceed.

  5. Now click the Deal button for a second time. This will remove the cards you did not hold and provide you with substitute cards for all hands at random.

  6. The cards you have now are your final hands. Based on the strength of each of your hands, you will either qualify for a payout based on the paytable shown, or you will lose your bet for that particular hand. The winnings from all of your hands (if any) will be added together to make a Total win amount for the game. You now have the option to collect the winnings (which will be credited immediately to your account immediately), or gamble it double or nothing at the turn of a card.

  7. If any of your hands have qualified for a payout you are now able to bet that payout on the turn of a card. Click the gamble button to proceed or select the collect button to collect your winnings and return to start another game.

  8. To gamble a win: If you choose to play on, and try to 'double' your winnings, one card will be drawn 'face up' and four further cards 'face down'. The object is to choose a face down card with a higher value than the card shown face up.

  9. Select one of the four cards face down by clicking on it (or the "High" button underneath it) and the dealer will deal the cards. If the card that you chose is higher, you will double your winnings. If the card drawn is lower you will lose your winnings and your bet. Note: If the resulting card is of the same value as the face up card – the winning card will be determined by suit: spades (high/top), clubs, hearts, diamonds - lowest/bottom)

You are able to gamble a win up to a maximum of four times.

To play another game – return to step 1.

Game Rules

  • The player bets against the house dealer
  • The player must play the bet to start the game
  • The players hand must have a qualifying set of cards to earn a payout
  • Bet payout on the bet is displayed on screen
  • The game uses one deck per hand (5 decks in total) which are reshuffled after each game.

Card Deck

Played with a 52-card deck for each hand

Winning or Losing the Game

If you do not have a qualifying hand after drawing your cards, you forfeit your bet.

If you have a qualifying hand after drawing the cards and choose to collect the win (see: point 6, how to play) your payout is credited immediately to your account as per the table below.

The table below details Jacks or Better Five Hand Video Poker hands and their payouts.

Poker Hand Description Example Payout Odds (amount shown multiplied by your bet)
Royal Flush Five cards of the same suit in sequence, with Ace High. 800:1
Straight Flush Five cards of the same suit in sequence. 50:1
Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank, plus any fifth card. 25:1
Full House Three cards of the same rank and another pair. 9:1
Flush Five cards of the same suit, not in sequence. 6:1
Straight Five cards in sequence, not all the same suit (Ace can be high or low). 4:1
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same rank and two unrelated cards. 3:1
Two Pairs Two Pairs and one unrelated card. 2:1
Jacks or Better Two cards of the same rank and three unrelated cards. Note these cards must be Jacks or Better, i.e. Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces. 1:1

Game Results

Once you select the Deal button from the Bet Selection screen to play the game, the game animation starts, displaying a video poker screen and hand.

Return to Player

This game has a Return to Player of 99.54%.

System malfunction voids all pays.