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You asked, we delivered: now you can buy the same packages online that are offered in-store.

$10 Double Dip Pack

The $10 Double Dip Pack consists of:

2 Lotto 6/49 plays
2 Lotto 6/49 Extra plays
2 BC/49 plays

$15 Triple Dip Pack

The $15 Triple Dip Pack consists of:

3 Lotto 6/49 plays
3 Lotto 6/49 Extra plays
3 BC/49 plays

$20 Mega Pack

The $20 Mega Pack consists of:

2 plays of Lotto Max
1 play of Lotto Max Extra
2 plays of Lotto 6/49
1 Lotto 6/49 Extra play
2 BC/49 plays

Farewell to the $7 Quick Pick and $13 Double Dip

Because we're moving in with the new and out with the old, we have retired the $7 Quick Dip and $13 Double Dip options on March 6th, 2018.

You still love the $7 Quick Dip and $13 Double Dip? Don't worry; you can still customize your purchase and create this package.

Don't worry though, with the three new Quick Picks arriving it will feel like the $7 Quick Pick and the $13 Double Dip never left!

$7 Quick Pick and $13 Double Dip Pack are no longer available


We are always looking for ways to improve our games by listening to you, our players. So based on your feedback, you have asked to buy the same packages online that are offered in-store.

As long as you purchased your Lottery Subscription before March 6, 2018, it will remain active until all draws are complete. You will not be able to replay your Lottery Subscription once it has completed.

If you run out of funds in your PlayNow account and your Lottery Subscription becomes inactive, you will not be able to

Replay your Lottery Subscription. You will need to deposit funds to your account and create a new Lottery Subscription.

Remember, you can still customize and create a Lottery Subscription with the products that you like to play.

Yes, for the $10 Double Dip and $15 Triple Dip you can create a Lottery Subscription for 1, 2, 10, 52, 104 draws or Never Miss a Draw.

For the $20 Mega Pack, you can only create a Never Miss a Draw Lottery Subscription.