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We’ve launched new lottery terminals across the province.

Check out what these changes mean for you!

We're upgrading your play across BC


  • Ticket Checker - Easy scan and more reliable checking
  • New Selection Slips - Updated format, now accepting only blue and black pen.
  • Checkout Screens - Enhanced shopping cart display
  • New Technology - A modernized experience

Restaurants and Bars

  • Cart Options - Ability to purchase more than one game at a time
  • Tap Payment - Quick and easy payment
  • Touch Screen - Faster and more responsible screens
  • Improved Functionality - More access to games and advance buy
You may experience short-term play disruptions as we are upgrading our new equipment.
You may experience short-term play disruptions as we are upgrading our new equipment.

Changes in Retail

If you're purchasing lottery tickets while getting gas, doing the weekly grocery shop, or at your favourite mall kiosk, you can expect to see all-new ticket checkers, updated selection slips, and enhanced checkout screens. Read all the retail changes

Changes in Restaurants and Bars

You might notice our new self-serve terminals at your local restaurant and bar locations. They'll be arriving a few weeks before our May 26 launch. Learn about the new machines, how they work, and when you can use them.

What's Happening in Retail?

Find out more about the changes specific to retail locations - like gas stations, grocery store and mall kiosks.

Lotto kiosk

Players may experience system maintenance interruptions at our self-serve terminals in restaurants and bars. We appreciate your patience as we work to complete the maintenance as soon as possible.

How to Use the New Self-Serve Terminals

Learn about our new self-serve terminal! Read below to find out how to use our new features, how to make a purchase, how to edit the cart and ticket/voucher validation or jump to our FAQ for our most frequently asked questions.

New Features:

  • Tap payment (credit / debit) now accepted
  • Improved ticket scanner and bill acceptor
  • Enhanced checkout experience
  • Fast and responsive touch screens
  • More access to games and advance buys

How to Play FAQ

1. Purchase a Ticket

There are two different ways to make a purchase on our new Self-Serve Lottery Terminals; Buy Now and Add to Cart.

Buy NowBest used to play a single game for a single purchase transaction.

  1. After making game selections, select ‘Buy Now’
  2. Confirm Purchase by selecting ‘Play Selections’
  3. Complete Purchase with Payment (Insert Voucher, Cash, Credit or Debit)

Tip: If you select ‘Buy Now’ but have items in your cart, ONLY the purchase of the selected game will be completed. The remaining items will stay in your cart until you review   these by selecting ‘My Cart’.

Add to CartBest used if you’re playing multiple games for a single purchase transaction.

  1. After making game selections, select ‘Add to Cart’
  2. Make additional game selections by selecting ‘Home’ and then choosing another game
  3. Review selected games by selecting ‘My Cart’
  4. Edit cart items if required
  5. Complete purchase by selecting ‘Checkout’ and then provide payment

Tip: When you select ‘Add to Cart’ from a game screen, the screen will appear unchanged even though the item has been added to your cart. Check items that have been added to your cart by selecting ‘My Cart’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to review and pay for items. To add more items, select ‘Home’ to return to the main menu and choose another game.

2. Edit Cart

Use the following icons to make any changes before your purchase.

Edit Cart Icon Glossary

3. Ticket and Voucher Validation

  1. To begin, insert ticket/voucher into the barcode scanner located in the top-left corner of the machine just below the game screen.
  2. When validating a ticket, a pop-up will disclose a ‘Winning’ or ‘Not Winning’ ticket message.
  3. When validating a voucher, a pop-up will denote the amount of funds available to ‘Redeem’.

Once selected your original ticket / voucher will become void and you will see the funds deposited at the bottom right of the screen under ‘My Balance’ (see orange box below):

My Balance highlighted

Tip: For a ‘Winning’ ticket or voucher you have the option to ‘Add to Wallet’ or ‘Redeem’ and use the amount immediately to purchase a new lottery product or select ‘Close’ and take the ticket to be validated and paid out by a lottery retailer / regional prize payout location.

Reminder: When adding funds to your wallet, don’t forget to empty the remaining balance when playing. Select ‘Cash Out’ when you complete your play selections on the self-serve terminal.


Frequently Asked Questions

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