Eligibility Period:


How to Qualify:

  1. Register for a PlayNow.com account
  2. Download the Poker software and create a Poker account
  3. Play Real Money Ring Games and Tournaments to earn a total of 100 Raked Hands*

About the $1,000 Loyalty Freeroll

PlayNow.com is happy to offer players a complimentary $1,000 Freeroll, just to say thank you for playing poker with us.

It's called the Loyalty Freeroll and all you have to do is play 100 raked hands* between 00:00:00 PT/ 02:00:00 CT on the 1st of each month and 23:59:00 PT/ 01:59:00 CT on the last day of that month. Then once a new month starts, so does a new chance at getting into the next month's Freeroll!

Once you have qualified for the Loyalty Freeroll tournament all you have to do is go to the poker software (Multi-Table Tournaments → Freerolls → Fidelisation/Loyalty) and register. The tournament starts at 17:00:00 PT/ 19:00:00 CT on the 1st of each month.

* A raked hand is defined as any single hand of poker where rake is taken from the pot or any single tournament where a fee is taken.

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