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How to Qualify

Follow these easy steps.

Eligibility Period


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  1. Register on
  2. Download the Poker software
  3. Participate in any of our real money games to earn your points

About PXP + Rewards

What are PXP + Rewards?

For every $0.25 you contribute to the rake in our Real Money poker games, you earn 1 PXP + Reward! Use these rewards towards Tournament Credits.

What can I use PXP + Rewards for?

You can use PXP+ Rewards for PXP Tournament Credit Redemption.

PXP Tournament Credit Redemption

Poker players have an opportunity to turn their hard earned PXPs into Tournament Credits. Use these Tournament Credits to buy-in directly to our real money poker tournaments and sit-and-go's on

Players have two options for requesting a PXP redemption:

  1. Live Chat via the poker software.
  2. Email with your poker nickname, full name and the amount of points you want to redeem.

The minimum amount of points for redemption is 1000, and requests must be made in 100 point intervals. There is no maximum on redemption.

1000 PXPs = $10 in tournament credits.

DISCLAIMER: In the event of a discrepancy between the posted conditions on this site and the official conditions, the latter shall prevail.