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Feb 25 - Jun 7, 2017

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About the WSOP Main Event Satellites wants to send YOU to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, Nevada! Join us in the PlayNow Poker room for a chance to win 1 of 75 seats to the WSOP Event #47 "Monster Stack" Satellites Series. Satellites will run from February 25 - June 7, 2017.

The $3,250 WSOP Event #47 package includes:

  • WSOP Event #47 tournament buy-in of $1,500 USD
  • $1,200 CAD paid to the Winner's account towards Travel & Expenses
  • Entry to the exclusive event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada

WSOP 2017 Monster Stack VIP Winners

mikes572 Kristo JUNKBOY Unibonger
Scubasteve Bullish555 CAPCOR23 Scrymi
Aleximous T0ST1T0S H1GH3RLEV3L FMLtilliW
Woane brodyboy yeahsick yanster89
vicadeboss Philipoune celtic4444 PukinDog
jojohojo Steph300 IFORGET Plunderer
OtmShank HustliN richkerk Cobras9
Sebs36 wojowest Spdfrk1 Pl├ęPocare
wzippyw tri carlmartel dragon97
ben201 ChipsDigMe fubar LucasPCA
samgagnon blackaces JHOPE Luckstack
Gariski solow realtrent Illraise8
Blackpoule MrMarley Vin99 blackyan
framica3 GlosseGlen Wexler alanmortga
belleriver Dalto4 jcp314 wasy89
ooouuufff Boooommmm stealth90 pokerarena
Helcor Skitchen bear85fan BYLIA
Stuicide stylez whatzup Ravirock
ComGetSom ysercom edog007 ghoulies

WSOP Monster Stack Satellites

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