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Champions League Outrights

What club team will emerge as the soccer's top dog?
Outright Betting Odds
Barcelona 3.00 Suspended
Bayern Munich 3.60 Suspended
Real Madrid 6.25 Suspended
Atletico Madrid 10.00 Suspended

Predators at Lightning

The Preds are in desparate need to start winning again, while the Lightning are looking to round into the form that got them all the way to the Stanley Cup last year. Nashville needs to win, but will they in Tampa? (4:30PM PST)
Money Line Odds
Nashville Predators 2.06 Suspended
Tampa Bay Lightning 1.77 Suspended

NHL Western Conference

The Western Conference is once again miles ahead of the East. Aside from Washington, the West holds the top contenders for the Cup. Who will win the Western Conference?
Western Conference Winner (Playoffs) Odds
Chicago Blackhawks 4.00 Suspended
Dallas Stars 4.70 Suspended
Los Angeles Kings 5.00 Suspended
St Louis Blues 8.00 Suspended

The 88th Academy Awards

Movie Buff? Who do you think will win the highest honour in the film industry - Best Picture?
Best Picture Odds
Spotlight 2.35 Suspended
The Big Short 2.60 Suspended
The Revenant 2.75 Suspended
The Martian 45.00 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
4:45A Sunderland vs Man Utd 4.60 Suspended 3.25 Suspended 1.62 Suspended
7:00A Crystal Palace vs Watford 2.00 Suspended 2.90 Suspended 3.30 Suspended
7:00A Bournemouth vs Stoke 1.85 Suspended 3.00 Suspended 3.50 Suspended
7:00A Everton vs West Brom 1.40 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 6.25 Suspended
7:00A Norwich vs West Ham 2.20 Suspended 3.00 Suspended 2.80 Suspended
7:00A Swansea vs Southampton 2.85 Suspended 2.90 Suspended 2.20 Suspended
9:30A Chelsea vs Newcastle 1.32 Suspended 4.20 Suspended 6.50 Suspended
February 14, 2016 Tie
4:00A Arsenal vs Leicester 1.58 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.30 Suspended
6:00A Aston Villa vs Liverpool 4.20 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 1.68 Suspended
8:15A Man City vs Tottenham 1.85 Suspended 3.25 Suspended 3.30 Suspended
February 16, 2016 Tie
11:45A PSG vs Chelsea 1.60 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
11:45A Benfica vs Zenit St Petersburg 2.00 Suspended 3.15 Suspended 3.50 Suspended
February 17, 2016 Tie
11:45A Roma vs Real Madrid 3.80 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 1.78 Suspended
11:45A Gent vs VfL Wolfsburg 3.00 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 2.15 Suspended
February 28, 2016 Tie
8:30A Liverpool vs Man City 3.25 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 2.05 Suspended

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