Betting 'Singles' on PlayNow

Due to current Canadian law, is unable to offer single-event betting. Currently PlayNow accepts wagers on two or more events (parlay betting). If the law ever changes in this regard, PlayNow will make betting on single-events available.

PlayNow however does offer some 'single' bets - which are comprised of multiple outcomes within one selection. In addition to Futures bets or Outrights (such as predicting the winner of the Stanley Cup) which require multiple games to determine the winner, other offers also can be bet as a single selection. For example, a 'Correct Score' bet can be offered as a 'single', as it requires the correct prediction of BOTH teams (or players) in order to successfully win the bet.

All bets designated as 'singles' are identified on the website throughout the site with an "S" icon next to the offer. Also, once added to the Bet Slip, each 'single' will feature its own stake box next to the selection, in addition to the stake box at the bottom of the Bet Slip for parlay betting if multiple selections have been picked. On mobile, single bets can currently only be identified on the Bet Slip; featuring an individual stake box within each 'Single' selection.