Outright Betting
Pick the NBA Champion
Golden State Warriors 1.54 Suspended
Houston Rockets 15.00 Suspended
Los Angeles Clippers 50.00 Suspended
Milwaukee Bucks 90.00 Suspended
Cleveland Cavaliers 4.70 Suspended
Boston Celtics 20.00 Suspended
Utah Jazz 55.00 Suspended
Atlanta Hawks 125.00 Suspended
San Antonio Spurs 8.50 Suspended
Washington Wizards 24.00 Suspended
Toronto Raptors 60.00 Suspended
Memphis Grizzlies 150.00 Suspended
Regular Season MVP
Pick the NBA Regular Season MVP
Russell Westbrook 1.18 Suspended
LeBron James 40.00 Suspended
James Harden 3.90 Suspended
Isaiah Thomas 125.00 Suspended
Kawhi Leonard 28.00 Suspended
Outright Betting
Pick the team to win the NBA Eastern Conference and advance to the NBA Finals
Cleveland Cavaliers 1.32 Suspended
Toronto Raptors 15.00 Suspended
Chicago Bulls 60.00 Suspended
Boston Celtics 6.50 Suspended
Milwaukee Bucks 20.00 Suspended
Washington Wizards 8.00 Suspended
Atlanta Hawks 60.00 Suspended