July 20, 2018 Tie
6:00P Man City vs Borussia Dortmund 2.30 Suspended 3.40 Suspended 2.60 Suspended
July 21, 2018 Tie
6:30A Bayern Munich vs PSG 2.05 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 2.95 Suspended
9:00A Sevilla vs Benfica 2.00 Suspended 3.35 Suspended 3.20 Suspended
July 22, 2018 Tie
1:00A Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund 2.10 Suspended 3.45 Suspended 2.95 Suspended

Donald Trump - Canada Special

With the current tensions between Canada and the US, the talks about a wall across the Canada-US border arose. Will Donald Trump announce plans for a wall across the Canada-US border?
Trump Foreign Policy Specials Odds
Trump to announce plans for a wall across the Canada-US border 28.00 Suspended

MLB - World Series Champions

The Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox are looking to be the early favourites to become the MLB Champions. Who do you think will it be? Lock your picks now!
Outright Betting Odds
Houston Astros 5.10 Suspended
Boston Red Sox 5.50 Suspended
New York Yankees 6.50 Suspended
Los Angeles Dodgers 10.00 Suspended

Stanley Cup 2018-19 Champions

With the Washington Capitals winning the first Stanley Cup for their franchise, this year's hockey season wrapped up. In the anticipation of the new season, who do you think will win it next year?
Outright Betting Odds
Tampa Bay Lightning 8.50 Suspended
Toronto Maple Leafs 8.50 Suspended
Washington Capitals 8.50 Suspended
Nashville Predators 9.50 Suspended

English Premier League 2018-19

Manchester City looked dominant last season and broke many EPL records. Can Pep Guardiola's side repeat their success in the upcoming season?
Outright Betting Odds
Man City 1.62 Suspended
Liverpool 5.70 Suspended
Man Utd 7.00 Suspended
Tottenham 12.00 Suspended