Novelty Betting Rules Apply to ALL esports events and markets.

Match Betting
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply
11:00A 2.70 Suspended Splyce vs Team Envyus 1.36 Suspended
12:30P 6.20 Suspended Epsilon Esports vs Faze Clan 1.06 Suspended
2:00P 1.50 Suspended Red Reserve Eu vs Evil Geniuses 2.30 Suspended
3:30P 1.02 Suspended Team Kaliber vs Epsilon Esports 8.50 Suspended
5:00P 2.05 Suspended Faze Clan vs Echo Fox 1.62 Suspended
11:00A 1.60 Suspended Red Reserve Eu vs Echo Fox 2.10 Suspended
12:30P 4.60 Suspended Epsilon Esports vs Evil Geniuses 1.13 Suspended
2:00P 2.00 Suspended Team Envyus vs Red Reserve Eu 1.66 Suspended
3:30P 1.84 Suspended Faze Clan vs Splyce 1.78 Suspended
5:00P 1.50 Suspended Team Kaliber vs Team Envyus 2.35 Suspended
May 24, 2018
11:00A 4.25 Suspended Epsilon Esports vs Splyce 1.15 Suspended
12:30P 2.80 Suspended Evil Geniuses vs Team Kaliber 1.34 Suspended
2:00P 1.52 Suspended Red Reserve Eu vs Faze Clan 2.25 Suspended
3:30P 2.10 Suspended Echo Fox vs Team Envyus 1.60 Suspended
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply
2:30A 1.06 Suspended Maru vs Patience 6.20 Suspended 4 More
2:30A 1.68 Suspended Solar vs Zest 1.98 Suspended 4 More
May 25, 2018
9:00P 1.50 Suspended SoO vs Dear 2.30 Suspended 4 More
9:00P 1.94 Suspended Innovation vs Rogue 1.72 Suspended 4 More