Novelty Betting Rules Apply to ALL eSports events and markets.

Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
9:00A 2.20 Suspended Envyus Academy vs Big 1.58 Suspended
9:30A 1.66 Suspended Godsent vs Fragsters 2.00 Suspended
9:30A 1.44 Suspended Pride Gaming vs Gambit 2.50 Suspended
9:30A 2.70 Suspended Divizon vs Red Reserve 1.36 Suspended
9:30A 1.36 Suspended Alternate Attax vs Asterion Csgo 2.70 Suspended
10:00A 2.30 Suspended Movistar Riders vs Extatus 1.52 Suspended
10:00A 1.46 Suspended Nexus Gaming vs Asterion Csgo 2.30 Suspended
11:00A 1.85 Suspended Extatus vs Superjymy 1.85 Suspended
11:00A 2.50 Suspended Divizon vs Pride Gaming 1.44 Suspended
5:30P 2.00 Suspended Say No More vs Atmosphere 1.66 Suspended
6:30P 2.00 Suspended Subtle vs Swole Patrol 1.66 Suspended
7:30P 2.70 Suspended H00Liganz vs Ntn 1.36 Suspended
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
2:00A 2.00 Suspended Lucky7 vs Merry 1.66 Suspended
8:30A 1.44 Suspended Sublife vs Odense 2.50 Suspended
8:30A 1.46 Suspended Serenic vs Roughtimes 2.30 Suspended
10:00A 1.44 Suspended Nexus Gaming vs Kpi 2.50 Suspended
11:00A 1.36 Suspended Tricked vs Team Hey 2.70 Suspended
12:00P 2.70 Suspended Royal Bandits vs Pompa Team 1.36 Suspended
1:00P 1.24 Suspended Superjymy vs Izako Boars 3.40 Suspended
Match Betting
Novelty Betting Rules Apply
3:00A 1.01 Suspended Evil Geniuses vs Infamous 10.00 Suspended
3:00A 1.18 Suspended Newbee vs Natus Vincere 3.60 Suspended
5:00A 1.44 Suspended Team Secret vs Lgd-Gaming 2.40 Suspended
5:00A 2.70 Suspended Mineski vs Og 1.36 Suspended
8:00A 1.36 Suspended Fnatic vs Team Kinguin 2.70 Suspended
8:00A 1.05 Suspended Team Liquid vs Optic Gaming 6.50 Suspended