Number 1 Overall Pick
Pick who will be taken number 1 overall in the draft. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Sam Darnold 2.25 Suspended
Saquon Barkley 5.60 Suspended
Baker Mayfield 7.00 Suspended
Minkah Fitzpatrick 50.00 Suspended
Josh Allen 4.80 Suspended
Josh Rosen 5.60 Suspended
Bradley Chubb 26.00 Suspended
Roquan Smith 60.00 Suspended
Outright Betting
New England Patriots 6.00 Suspended
Philadelphia Eagles 11.00 Suspended
Green Bay Packers 13.00 Suspended
New Orleans Saints 17.00 Suspended
Pittsburgh Steelers 9.00 Suspended
Minnesota Vikings 13.00 Suspended
Atlanta Falcons 17.00 Suspended
Seattle Seahawks 20.00 Suspended
NFC Championship (Includes Playoffs)
Pick the NFC Champion (Includes Playoffs)
Philadelphia Eagles 5.60 Suspended
Green Bay Packers 6.50 Suspended
Atlanta Falcons 8.50 Suspended
Seattle Seahawks 11.00 Suspended
Minnesota Vikings 6.50 Suspended
New Orleans Saints 8.50 Suspended
San Francisco 49ers 11.00 Suspended
Los Angeles Rams 11.00 Suspended
AFC Championship (Includes Playoffs)
Pick the team to win the AFC Championship (includes playoffs).
New England Patriots 2.90 Suspended
Jacksonville Jaguars 10.00 Suspended
Los Angeles Chargers 13.00 Suspended
Oakland Raiders 17.00 Suspended
Pittsburgh Steelers 4.40 Suspended
Kansas City Chiefs 13.00 Suspended
Houston Texans 13.00 Suspended
Baltimore Ravens 20.00 Suspended
Grey Cup Winner
Pick the Grey Cup Winner
Calgary Stampeders 4.40 Suspended
Toronto Argonauts 8.00 Suspended
Ottawa Redblacks 10.00 Suspended
Edmonton Eskimos 4.40 Suspended
Hamilton Tiger Cats 9.00 Suspended
Winnipeg Blue Bombers 10.00 Suspended
Saskatchewan Roughriders 8.00 Suspended
British Columbia Lions 9.00 Suspended
Montreal Alouettes 11.00 Suspended