Kansas City Chiefs At New England Patriots September 7, 2017 5:30P

Point Spread
Pick the team to win the point spread.
Kansas City Chiefs (+8.0) 1.91 Suspended
New England Patriots (-8.0) 1.85 Suspended
Money Line
Pick the team to win the game.
Kansas City Chiefs 3.80 Suspended
New England Patriots 1.20 Suspended
Total Points
Predict the total amount of points scored in the game.
Over (48.0) 1.91 Suspended
Under (48.0) 1.85 Suspended
Oddset 3 Way
Pick the winner of the line listed (or tie)
Kansas City Chiefs -3.5 7.25 Suspended
Either Team by 3pts or less 4.90 Suspended
New England Patriots -3.5 1.30 Suspended
Double Result (HT/End of 4Q Result)
[Single] Pick the team to be winning at Half-Time (or tie) AND the team to win the game at the end of regulation (or tie).
Kansas City Chiefs - Kansas City Chiefs 6.75 Suspended
New England Patriots - Kansas City Chiefs 14.00 Suspended
Draw - Kansas City Chiefs 50.00 Suspended
Kansas City Chiefs - New England Patriots 7.50 Suspended
New England Patriots - New England Patriots 1.52 Suspended
Draw - New England Patriots 16.00 Suspended
Kansas City Chiefs - Draw 28.00 Suspended
New England Patriots - Draw 16.00 Suspended
Draw - Draw 40.00 Suspended
Winning Margin
Win - Tie - Win (7.5 Pt Spread)
Winning Margin (4-Way)
Winning Margin (5-point Bands)
Winning Margin (10-point Bands)
Handicap Betting (Inc. Draw)
Team to Score Last
Race To 5
Race To 10
Race To 15
Race To 20
First Team to call a Timeout
Home Team Total Points
Away Team Total Points
Total Points (Odd/Even)
Last Score of 1st Half
1st Half Total Points (Odd/Even)
2nd Half Total Points (Odd/Even)
Longest Successful Field Goal
Shortest Successful Field Goal
Team to Score Last 1st Half
Will there be Overtime?