Money Line
Pick the winner of the game. (Result after OT/SO if applicable.)
Outright Betting
Pick the Stanley Cup Champion
Pittsburgh Penguins 8.00 Suspended
Washington Capitals 10.00 Suspended
Toronto Maple Leafs 12.00 Suspended
Dallas Stars 14.00 Suspended
Edmonton Oilers 8.50 Suspended
Anaheim Ducks 11.00 Suspended
New York Rangers 13.00 Suspended
Montreal Canadiens 15.00 Suspended
Tampa Bay Lightning 10.00 Suspended
Chicago Blackhawks 12.00 Suspended
Nashville Predators 13.00 Suspended
Columbus Blue Jackets 16.00 Suspended
Vancouver Canucks Specials
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Eastern Conference Winner (Playoffs)
Pick the team from the Eastern Conference to win the Prince of Wales trophy and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals
Tampa Bay Lightning 5.50 Suspended
Toronto Maple Leafs 5.90 Suspended
Columbus Blue Jackets 9.50 Suspended
Montreal Canadiens 11.00 Suspended
Pittsburgh Penguins 5.50 Suspended
Washington Capitals 6.75 Suspended
New York Rangers 11.00 Suspended
Ottawa Senators 17.00 Suspended
Western Conference Winner (Playoffs)
Pick the team from the Western Conference to win the Clarence S. Campbell trophy and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals
Chicago Blackhawks 6.00 Suspended
Anaheim Ducks 8.00 Suspended
Los Angeles Kings 9.50 Suspended
St. Louis Blues 12.00 Suspended
Edmonton Oilers 6.00 Suspended
Nashville Predators 8.00 Suspended
Calgary Flames 11.00 Suspended
Winnipeg Jets 26.00 Suspended
Dallas Stars 8.00 Suspended
Minnesota Wild 9.50 Suspended
San Jose Sharks 11.00 Suspended
Las Vegas Golden Knights 40.00 Suspended