NHL Eastern Conference 2019-20

Eastern Conference Winner (Playoffs)
Pick the team from the Eastern Conference to win the Prince of Wales trophy and advance to the Stanley Cup Finals
Boston Bruins 4.20 Suspended
Washington Capitals 7.25 Suspended
Pittsburgh Penguins 11.00 Suspended
New York Islanders 12.00 Suspended
Montreal Canadiens 20.00 Suspended
Buffalo Sabres 30.00 Suspended
Columbus Blue Jackets 60.00 Suspended
Detroit Red Wings 125.00 Suspended
Tampa Bay Lightning 4.40 Suspended
Toronto Maple Leafs 7.25 Suspended
Florida Panthers 12.00 Suspended
Carolina Hurricanes 12.00 Suspended
Philadelphia Flyers 20.00 Suspended
New Jersey Devils 30.00 Suspended
New York Rangers 60.00 Suspended
Ottawa Senators 250.00 Suspended