Best Picture
Pick which film will win Best Picture at the Oscars. Novelty betting rules apply.
Dunkirk 3.50 Suspended
The Shape of Water 7.00 Suspended
Darkest Hour 8.50 Suspended
Phantom Thread 13.00 Suspended
The Post (Former title - "The Papers") 4.40 Suspended
Call Me By Your Name 8.00 Suspended
Detroit 10.00 Suspended
Downsizing 13.00 Suspended
Next James Bond
Singles only. Applies to the actor who replaces Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. Others on request. Novelty betting rules apply.
Tom Hardy 5.10 Suspended
James Norton 8.00 Suspended
Aidan Turner 8.00 Suspended
Michael Fassbender 13.00 Suspended
Jack Huston 5.50 Suspended
Idris Elba 8.00 Suspended
Tom Hiddleston 9.00 Suspended
Henry Cavill 20.00 Suspended
Next Bond Girl
Singles Only. Applies to the actor that plays James Bond's main female sidekick/romantic interest in Bond 25. Dead heat rules may apply. PlayNow decision final in settlement. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Cara Delevingne 1.46 Suspended
Alexanda Daddario 18.00 Suspended
Halle Berry 26.00 Suspended
Meghan Markle 40.00 Suspended
Emilia Clarke 8.00 Suspended
Priyanka Chopra 20.00 Suspended
Emily Ratajkowski 30.00 Suspended
Angelina Jolie 60.00 Suspended
Emma Watson 17.00 Suspended
Daisy Ridley 26.00 Suspended
Rihanna 30.00 Suspended
Selena Gomez 100.00 Suspended
Next Bond Villain
Singles Only. Applies to who the lead villain will be in Bond 25. PlayNow decision is final. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Christoph Waltz 1.26 Suspended
Joaquin Phoenix 13.00 Suspended
Tom Hiddleston 22.00 Suspended
John Hurt 45.00 Suspended
Charlie Hunnam 8.00 Suspended
Jason Statham 18.00 Suspended
Vin Diesel 28.00 Suspended
Dwayne Johnson 60.00 Suspended
Dave Bautistsa 10.00 Suspended
Michael Fassbender 18.00 Suspended
Brad Pitt 28.00 Suspended
Sir Ian McKellan 100.00 Suspended
Star Wars: Episode VIII World Wide Gross
Applies to Star Wars VIII to the highest grossing Worldwide film released in 2017. Settles on the USD figure released by boxofficemojo.com Novelty Betting Rules Apply.