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UEFA Champions League - Chelsea v Barcelona

One of the recent rivalries of the European soccer returns. Chelsea have advanced to the quarter-final of the Champions League only once in the last five years. Can Chelsea pull off a win against Barcelona? (Tue. 11:45am PT)
Win-Draw-Win Odds
Chelsea 3.40 Suspended
Draw 3.15 Suspended
Barcelona 2.00 Suspended

NHL - Ottawa Senators at Nashville Predators

The Senators managed to defeat the Predators in the overtime two weeks ago. Can the Senators repeat it at Nashville this team? (Mon. 5:00pm PT)
Money Line Odds
Ottawa Senators 2.73 Suspended
Nashville Predators 1.46 Suspended

NHL - Los Angeles Kings at Chicago Blackhawks

The Blackhawks defeated the Capitals 7-1 in the last game they played. Can the Blackhawks defeat another playoff contender? (Mon. 5:30pm PT)
Money Line Odds
Los Angeles Kings 2.02 Suspended
Chicago Blackhawks 1.80 Suspended

NHL - Power Pick

Predators, Blackhawks, & Golden Knights all to WIN! (5:05pm PT)
Power Picks Odds
Predators, Blackhawks & Golden Knights all to WIN 4.45 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
11:45A Bayern Munich vs Besiktas 1.09 Suspended 7.50 Suspended 18.00 Suspended
11:45A Chelsea vs Barcelona 3.40 Suspended 3.15 Suspended 2.00 Suspended
February 21, 2018 Tie
11:45A Shakhtar Donetsk vs Roma 2.30 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 2.90 Suspended
11:45A Sevilla vs Man Utd 2.80 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 2.40 Suspended
March 6, 2018 Tie
11:45A Liverpool vs Porto 1.40 Suspended 4.30 Suspended 6.25 Suspended
11:45A PSG vs Real Madrid 1.62 Suspended 4.10 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
March 7, 2018 Tie
11:45A Tottenham vs Juventus 1.95 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 3.40 Suspended
11:45A Man City vs FC Basel 1.07 Suspended 8.50 Suspended 24.00 Suspended