Superbowl LIV

The Saints are facing injuries, The Patriots are playing like they usually do and Patrick Mahomes is out with an injured knee. Who will win it all this year?
Outright Betting Odds
New England Patriots 3.60 Suspended
New Orleans Saints 6.00 Suspended
Green Bay Packers 10.00 Suspended
Kansas City Chiefs 10.00 Suspended

NBA Player Specials

The All-Star game will be held in Chicago this year. Will LeBron continue his All-Star selection steak? Who will make it this year? Check out all our NBA Specials today!
West All-Star Selection Odds
James Harden 1.02 Suspended
Stephen Curry 1.03 Suspended
LeBron James 1.03 Suspended
Anthony Davis 1.04 Suspended

NBA Championship 2019/20

NBA training camps have opened up and the season kicks off Tuesday. The defending champion Toronto Raptors will look to defend their title without Kawhi Leonard. Who will win the NBA Championship this season?
Outright Betting Odds
Los Angeles Clippers 4.40 Suspended
Los Angeles Lakers 5.20 Suspended
Milwaukee Bucks 6.75 Suspended
Philadelphia 76ers 8.00 Suspended

Democratic Nominee 2020

The Octobers debates just ended. Elizabeth Warren continues to be the front runner for the nomination. Will Biden, Sanders or any other candidate close the gap between now and July?
Democratic Presidential Nomination Odds
Elizabeth Warren 1.90 Suspended
Joe Biden 5.20 Suspended
Bernie Sanders 10.00 Suspended
Pete Buttigieg 10.00 Suspended
Today Tie
11:45A Brescia vs Fiorentina 3.70 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 1.80 Suspended
12:00P Sheff Utd vs Arsenal 3.70 Suspended 3.40 Suspended 1.80 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
9:55A Atletico Madrid vs Leverkusen 1.56 Suspended 3.45 Suspended 5.70 Suspended
9:55A Shakhtar vs Dinamo Zagreb 1.64 Suspended 3.40 Suspended 5.00 Suspended
12:00P Juventus vs Lokomotiv 1.14 Suspended 6.00 Suspended 13.00 Suspended
12:00P Galatasaray vs Real Madrid 5.00 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 1.56 Suspended
12:00P Man City vs Atalanta 1.15 Suspended 6.50 Suspended 11.00 Suspended
12:00P Olympiakos vs Bayern Munich 7.00 Suspended 4.70 Suspended 1.32 Suspended
12:00P Tottenham vs Crvena Zvezda 1.22 Suspended 5.20 Suspended 9.50 Suspended
12:00P Club Brugge vs Paris St-G 5.50 Suspended 3.80 Suspended 1.50 Suspended
5:30P Boca Juniors vs River Plate 2.25 Suspended 2.75 Suspended 2.75 Suspended
October 23, 2019 Tie
9:55A RB Leipzig vs Zenit St Petersburg 1.50 Suspended 4.00 Suspended 5.20 Suspended
9:55A Ajax vs Chelsea 2.20 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 2.80 Suspended
12:00P Slavia Prague vs Barcelona 6.75 Suspended 4.80 Suspended 1.32 Suspended
12:00P Lille vs Valencia 2.65 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 2.45 Suspended
12:00P Red Bull Salzburg vs Napoli 2.45 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 2.35 Suspended
12:00P Genk vs Liverpool 9.00 Suspended 5.60 Suspended 1.20 Suspended
12:00P Inter vs Dortmund 2.20 Suspended 3.25 Suspended 2.80 Suspended
12:00P Benfica vs Lyon 2.05 Suspended 3.35 Suspended 3.05 Suspended
5:30P Flamengo vs Gremio 1.46 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 5.10 Suspended