Next Oscar Host
Refers to who will be the host of the 2018 Oscars. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Jimmy Fallon 4.00 Suspended
Kevin Hart 6.50 Suspended
Ellen DeGeneres 7.25 Suspended
Whoopi Goldberg 10.00 Suspended
Jimmy Kimmel 4.70 Suspended
Chris Rock 6.50 Suspended
Dwayne Johnson 8.50 Suspended
Samuel L Jackson 10.00 Suspended
Next James Bond
Singles only. Applies to the actor who replaces Daniel Craig as the next James Bond. Others on request. Novelty betting rules apply.
Aidan Turner 2.95 Suspended
Michael Fassbender 3.60 Suspended
Tom Hiddleston 7.50 Suspended
Ryan Gosling 10.00 Suspended
Tom Hardy 3.35 Suspended
James Norton 4.60 Suspended
Idris Elba 7.50 Suspended
Jack Huston 12.00 Suspended
Next Bond Girl
Singles Only. Applies to the actor that plays James Bond's main female sidekick/romantic interest in Bond 25. Dead heat rules may apply. PP decision final in settlement. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Margot Robbie 7.00 Suspended
Jennifer Lopez 9.00 Suspended
Diane Kruger 11.00 Suspended
Emilia Clarke 16.00 Suspended
Emily Ratajkowski 8.00 Suspended
Gal Gadot 11.00 Suspended
Meghan Markle 11.00 Suspended
Emily Blunt 16.00 Suspended