2020 Democratic Nominee

Democratic Presidential Nomination
Pick the candidate chosen at the Democratic National Convention in 2020 to run as the Democratic Candidate for President in the 2020 US Presidential Election. Novelty betting rules apply. All selections have action (All-in Play rule applies).
Elizabeth Warren 4.00 Suspended
Pete Buttigieg 4.80 Suspended
Andrew Yang 12.00 Suspended
Michael Bloomberg 20.00 Suspended
Amy Klobuchar 50.00 Suspended
Michelle Obama 80.00 Suspended
Julian Castro 125.00 Suspended
Tom Steyer 125.00 Suspended
John Delaney 125.00 Suspended
Kirsten Gillibrand 250.00 Suspended
Marianne Williamson 250.00 Suspended
Mike Gravel 250.00 Suspended
Joe Biden 4.00 Suspended
Bernie Sanders 6.75 Suspended
Hillary Clinton 18.00 Suspended
Kamala Harris 26.00 Suspended
Tulsi Gabbard 60.00 Suspended
Cory Booker 100.00 Suspended
Steve Bullock 125.00 Suspended
Michael Bennet 125.00 Suspended
Wayne Messam 125.00 Suspended
John Hickenlooper 250.00 Suspended
Jay Inslee 250.00 Suspended
Seth Moulten 500.00 Suspended