2020 Republican Nominee

Republican Presidential Nomination
Applies to the candidate chosen at the Republican National Convention in 2020 to run as the Republican candidate for President in the 2020 US Presidential Election. Novelty betting rules apply. All selections have action (All-in Play rule applies).
Donald Trump 1.12 Suspended
John Kasich 20.00 Suspended
Ivanka Trump 30.00 Suspended
Tom Cotton 45.00 Suspended
Jared Kushner 60.00 Suspended
Sarah Palin 125.00 Suspended
Mike Pence 9.50 Suspended
Ben Sasse 26.00 Suspended
Paul Ryan 35.00 Suspended
Marco Rubio 55.00 Suspended
Scott Walker 70.00 Suspended
Evan McMullin 125.00 Suspended
Nikki Haley 9.50 Suspended
Mitt Romney 30.00 Suspended
Ted Cruz 40.00 Suspended
Jeff Flake 55.00 Suspended
Jeb Bush 70.00 Suspended