Donald Trump Specials
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
To NOT complete his 1st term in office 2.50 Suspended
To replace the gold lift in Trump Tower 14.00 Suspended
Trump NOT to be inaugurated on January 20th 18.00 Suspended
Trump to be impeached in first 6 months of Presidency 4.70 Suspended
To Split from Melania in 2017 15.00 Suspended
To paint the entire White House gold 400.00 Suspended
Make America Great Again 2.30 Suspended
Islamic Terrorism 4.00 Suspended
Russia 5.40 Suspended
United Nations 7.25 Suspended
Job Creation 3.60 Suspended
Innovation 4.70 Suspended
China 6.50 Suspended
Nuclear Weapons 7.25 Suspended
Trump Cabinet Markets
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Any member of Trump's confirmed cabinet to stand down in 2017 1.22 Suspended
US Presidential Election 2020
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Donald Trump 1.90 Suspended
Mike Pence 7.25 Suspended
Elizabeth Warren 10.00 Suspended
Julian Castro 12.00 Suspended
Paul Ryan 7.25 Suspended
Michelle Obama 8.00 Suspended
Tim Kaine 10.00 Suspended
Hillary Clinton 14.00 Suspended
Most Seats
Singles Only. Applies to the party that wins the most seats at the next UK general election. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Conservatives 1.15 Suspended
UKIP 24.00 Suspended
SNP 175.00 Suspended
Labour 3.60 Suspended
Liberal Democrats 30.00 Suspended
Green Party 450.00 Suspended
Next Prime Minister After Theresa May
Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Boris Johnson 5.40 Suspended
Phillip Hammond 12.00 Suspended
Keir Starmer 15.00 Suspended
George Osborne 18.00 Suspended
Jeremy Corbyn 6.00 Suspended
Owen Smith 12.00 Suspended
Angela Eagle 17.00 Suspended
Dan Jarvis 24.00 Suspended
Next Labour Party Leader
Singles only. Applies to the next permanently appointed leader of the UK Labour Party elected after Jeremy Corbyn. Caretaker/acting leader does not count. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Clive Lewis 5.40 Suspended
Dan Jarvis 12.00 Suspended
Lisa Nandy 15.00 Suspended
Chuka Umunna 17.00 Suspended
Keir Starmer 7.25 Suspended
David Miliband 12.00 Suspended
Owen Smith 15.00 Suspended
Andy Burnham 18.00 Suspended
John McDonnell 10.00 Suspended
Tom Watson 15.00 Suspended
Hilary Benn 17.00 Suspended
Yvette Cooper 24.00 Suspended
Overall Majority
Singles Only. Applies to overall majority of the seats at the next UK general election, ie. more seats than all of the other participants put together. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Conservative Majority 1.38 Suspended
Labour Majority 4.70 Suspended
Liberal Democrat Majority 28.00 Suspended
No Overall Majority 2.30 Suspended
UKIP Majority 28.00 Suspended
Green Majority 150.00 Suspended
Next Conservative Party Leader
Singles Only. Applies to the next permanent Conservative Party Leader after David Cameron. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Boris Johnson 5.40 Suspended
Sajid Javid 12.00 Suspended
Jeremy Hunt 18.00 Suspended
Liz Truss 24.00 Suspended
David Davis 7.25 Suspended
Michael Gove 14.00 Suspended
Ruth Davidson 18.00 Suspended
Dominic Raab 24.00 Suspended
Philip Hammond 10.00 Suspended
George Osborne 14.00 Suspended
Matthew Hancock 24.00 Suspended
Nicky Morgan 24.00 Suspended
Date Of Next Election
Singles Only. Applies to the date of the next UK general election after May 2015. Others on request. Novelty Betting Rules Apply.