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4:05P 1.77 Suspended Colorado Rockies (G Marquez) @ Philadelphia Phillies (Z Eflin) 2.06 Suspended 125 More
4:05P 2.42 Suspended San Francisco Giants (J Cueto) @ Chicago Cubs (J Lester) 1.57 Suspended 125 More
4:05P 2.20 Suspended Kansas City Royals (D Duffy) @ New York Yankees (J Montgomery) 1.68 Suspended 125 More
4:05P 2.22 Suspended Minnesota Twins (E Santana) @ Baltimore Orioles (D Bundy) 1.67 Suspended 125 More
4:05P 2.26 Suspended Seattle Mariners (C Bergman) @ Washington Nationals (J Ross) 1.65 Suspended 125 More
4:10P 2.20 Suspended San Diego Padres (J Chacin) @ New York Mets (M Harvey) 1.68 Suspended 125 More
4:10P 1.96 Suspended Los Angeles Angels (M Shoemaker) @ Tampa Bay Rays (A Cobb) 1.83 Suspended 125 More
4:10P 2.70 Suspended Texas Rangers (A Cashner) @ Boston Red Sox (R Porcello) 1.47 Suspended 125 More
4:10P 1.57 Suspended Cleveland Indians (C Carrasco) @ Cincinnati Reds (A Garrett) 2.42 Suspended 125 More
4:35P 1.92 Suspended Pittsburgh Pirates (T Glasnow) @ Atlanta Braves (R Dickey) 1.88 Suspended 125 More
4:40P 1.94 Suspended Toronto Blue Jays (J Biagini) @ Milwaukee Brewers (J Nelson) 1.87 Suspended 125 More
5:00P 1.68 Suspended Pittsburgh Penguins @ Ottawa Senators 2.20 Suspended 58 More
5:10P 3.05 Suspended Detroit Tigers (J Zimmermann) @ Houston Astros (L McCullers) 1.38 Suspended 125 More
5:35P 1.91 Suspended Boston Celtics (+15.0) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (-15.0) 1.80 Suspended 171 More
6:40P 2.48 Suspended Chicago White Sox (D Covey) @ Arizona Diamondbacks (P Corbin) 1.55 Suspended 121 More
7:05P 2.06 Suspended Miami Marlins (J Urena) @ Oakland Athletics (J Hahn) 1.77 Suspended 121 More
7:10P 3.10 Suspended St. Louis Cardinals (L Lynn) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (C Kershaw) 1.37 Suspended 121 More

MLB - Power Picks

New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, and Houston Astros all to WIN! (4:10pm PT)
Power Picks Odds
Mets (Harvey), Blue Jays (Biagini), & Astros (McCullers) all to WIN 5.10 Suspended

Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi

Will Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi be the worlds highest grossing film released in 2017?!

*Settles on the USD figure released by Novelty Betting Rules Apply.
Star Wars: Episode VIII World Wide Gross Odds
Yes 1.36 Suspended
No 2.25 Suspended

PGA Tour - DEAN & DELUCA Invitational

The PGA Tour heads to Texas this week for the DEAN & DELUCA Invitational! Local Texan boy Jordan Spieth is the defending champion and has shown some useful form of late! Can he defend his title to the delight of the local fans?
Outright Winner (Must Finish Under Par) Odds
Spieth, Jordan 14.00 Suspended
Rahm, Jon 14.00 Suspended
Garcia, Sergio 15.00 Suspended
Dufner, Jason 28.00 Suspended

NBA Playoffs - Most Valuable Player

Last year we witnessed the shear power of a determined Lebron James. Lebron led his team from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors and put the team on his back to win the NBA Playoffs MVP. Who takes it this year? You decide!
NBA Finals MVP Odds
Kevin Durant (GSW) 2.60 Suspended
Stephen Curry (GSW) 2.90 Suspended
LeBron James (CLE) 3.10 Suspended
Draymond Green (GSW) 7.50 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
1:00A South Africa U20 vs Italy U20 4.80 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 1.64 Suspended
1:00A Zambia U20 vs Iran U20 1.90 Suspended 3.10 Suspended 3.90 Suspended
4:00A Uruguay U20 vs Japan U20 1.95 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 3.45 Suspended
4:00A Costa Rica U20 vs Portugal U20 8.00 Suspended 4.30 Suspended 1.34 Suspended
11:45A Ajax vs Man Utd 4.30 Suspended 3.25 Suspended 1.78 Suspended
May 25, 2017 Tie
1:00A Ecuador U20 vs Saudi Arabia U20 1.36 Suspended 4.40 Suspended 6.75 Suspended
1:00A France U20 vs Vietnam U21 1.03 Suspended 13.00 Suspended 50.00 Suspended
4:00A Senegal U20 vs USA U20 2.20 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 2.90 Suspended
4:00A New Zealand U20 vs Honduras U20 3.40 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 2.00 Suspended
5:30P Chicago Fire vs FC Dallas 2.00 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 3.35 Suspended
May 26, 2017 Tie
1:00A Germany U20 vs Vanuatu U23 1.01 Suspended 24.00 Suspended 100.00 Suspended
1:00A Mexico U20 vs Venezuela U20 3.20 Suspended 2.85 Suspended 2.25 Suspended
4:00A England U20 vs South Korea U20 2.25 Suspended 3.15 Suspended 2.90 Suspended
4:00A Guinea U20 vs Argentina U20 6.25 Suspended 4.90 Suspended 1.34 Suspended
4:00P Toronto FC vs Columbus Crew 1.70 Suspended 3.80 Suspended 4.00 Suspended
May 27, 2017 Tie
9:30A Arsenal vs Chelsea 4.30 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 1.70 Suspended
11:30A Seattle Sounders vs Portland Timbers 1.74 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
12:30P Barcelona vs Alaves 1.09 Suspended 7.25 Suspended 20.00 Suspended
4:00P Vancouver Whitecaps vs DC United 1.66 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.50 Suspended
4:30P New York Red Bulls vs New England Revolution 1.74 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
5:00P Minnesota United vs Orlando City 2.20 Suspended 3.35 Suspended 2.80 Suspended
5:00P Real Salt Lake vs Philadelphia Union 2.10 Suspended 3.30 Suspended 3.00 Suspended
5:00P Colorado Rapids vs Sporting Kansas City 2.50 Suspended 3.00 Suspended 2.65 Suspended
7:00P San Jose Earthquakes vs LA Galaxy 1.90 Suspended 3.20 Suspended 3.70 Suspended
May 28, 2017 Tie
2:00P Atlanta United FC vs New York City FC 1.95 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 3.20 Suspended
5:00P FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo 1.50 Suspended 4.00 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
June 3, 2017 Tie
11:45A Juventus vs Real Madrid 2.75 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 2.40 Suspended

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