NHL Awards

Jon Cooper helped lead the Tampa Bay Lightning to a record 62 win season. Barry Trotz led the Islanders into the playoffs and their best season since 1984. Will either coach win the Jack Adams or will Craig Berube win?
Jack Adams Award Odds
Jon Cooper 1.76 Suspended
Barry Trotz 2.20 Suspended
Craig Berube 8.50 Suspended

NBA Championship 2020

We the Champs! The Toronto Raptors just won their first ever NBA Championship. NBA free agency could change the landscape for a lot of teams this offseason. Will Golden State make it to six straight finals? Will the Raptors get it done again?
Outright Betting Odds
Los Angeles Lakers 4.80 Suspended
Milwaukee Bucks 6.25 Suspended
Toronto Raptors 7.25 Suspended
Houston Rockets 8.50 Suspended

MLB World Series

The MLB is just past a quarter of the way through the season. The Twins, Yankees and Dodgers are all near the top of the League. Who will win the World Series this year?
Outright Winner Odds
Houston Astros 3.90 Suspended
Los Angeles Dodgers 4.00 Suspended
New York Yankees 7.00 Suspended
Minnesota Twins 11.00 Suspended

Democratic Nominee 2020

Joe Biden has now entered the race for the next President of the United States. He will first seek the Democratic nomination. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Beto O'Rourke are also favourites. Who will win the nomination in July?
Democratic Presidential Nomination Odds
Joe Biden 3.25 Suspended
Elizabeth Warren 6.25 Suspended
Bernie Sanders 6.25 Suspended
Pete Buttigieg 6.25 Suspended
Today Tie
9:00A China (W) vs Spain (W) 4.70 Suspended 2.70 Suspended 1.78 Suspended
9:00A South Africa (W) vs Germany (W) 35.00 Suspended 12.00 Suspended 1.02 Suspended
9:30A Serbia U21 vs Austria U21 1.90 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 3.35 Suspended
12:00P South Korea (W) vs Norway (W) 6.00 Suspended 4.50 Suspended 1.32 Suspended
12:00P Nigeria (W) vs France (W) 20.00 Suspended 7.00 Suspended 1.07 Suspended
12:00P Germany U21 vs Denmark U21 1.44 Suspended 3.80 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
4:00P Curacao vs El Salvador 2.60 Suspended 2.95 Suspended 2.45 Suspended
4:00P Japan vs Chile 5.90 Suspended 3.70 Suspended 1.44 Suspended
6:30P Jamaica vs Honduras 2.10 Suspended 2.75 Suspended 3.35 Suspended
Tomorrow Tie
9:30A Romania U21 vs Croatia U21 3.50 Suspended 3.10 Suspended 1.85 Suspended
12:00P Italy (W) vs Brazil (W) 2.90 Suspended 3.00 Suspended 2.15 Suspended
12:00P Jamaica (W) vs Australia (W) 100.00 Suspended 17.00 Suspended 1.01 Suspended
12:00P England U21 vs France U21 2.45 Suspended 3.00 Suspended 2.40 Suspended
4:30P Panama vs Trinidad & Tobago 1.85 Suspended 2.95 Suspended 3.90 Suspended
7:00P USA vs Guyana 1.01 Suspended 18.00 Suspended 70.00 Suspended
June 19, 2019 Tie
12:00P Japan (W) vs England (W) 3.60 Suspended 2.95 Suspended 1.85 Suspended
12:00P Scotland (W) vs Argentina (W) 1.44 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 5.30 Suspended
12:00P Italy U21 vs Poland U21 1.28 Suspended 4.30 Suspended 7.00 Suspended