$50,000 NFL Pool

The NFL Season gets underway soon. Check out our Week One NFL Pool. Tickets cost only $5 and if you get a perfect 15/15 you will win or share the $50,000 Jackpot. Lock in your picks now!

More Info
3rd 1.83 Suspended Chicago Sky (+7.5) 46 - 54 Phoenix Mercury (-7.5) 1.83 Suspended 2 More
1st 2.00 Suspended New York Yankees 1 - 0 Los Angeles Dodgers 1.68 Suspended 99 More
1st 1.91 Suspended Las Vegas Aces (-1.5) 2 - 8 Minnesota Lynx (+1.5) 1.91 Suspended 11 More
5:00P 1.80 Suspended Pittsburgh Steelers (+1.5) @ Tennessee Titans (-1.5) 2.02 Suspended 7 More
4:05P 2.15 Suspended Pittsburgh Pirates @ Philadelphia Phillies 1.73 Suspended 7 More
4:05P 2.18 Suspended St. Louis Cardinals @ Milwaukee Brewers 1.71 Suspended 7 More
5:15P 1.64 Suspended Oakland Athletics @ Kansas City Royals 2.30 Suspended 7 More
7:10P 1.67 Suspended Los Angeles Dodgers @ San Diego Padres 2.25 Suspended 7 More

Superbowl LIV

A lot of trades and acquisitions have happened in the offseason and the preseason is underway. There are less then two weeks before the season starts. Lock in your picks now for the Super Bowl!
Outright Betting Odds
New England Patriots 7.50 Suspended
Kansas City Chiefs 8.50 Suspended
New Orleans Saints 9.50 Suspended
Los Angeles Rams 11.00 Suspended

Emmy Awards

The Emmy Award nominees have been released. Despite criticism of the final season, Game of Thrones leads the way with 32 nominations. Check out all our markets today!
Outstanding Drama Series Odds
Game of Thrones 1.06 Suspended
Killing Eve 6.50 Suspended
Better Call Saul 24.00 Suspended
Bodyguard 24.00 Suspended

NFL Player Props

The Giants don't have a lot to look forward to this season. They only have eight wins in the last two seasons combined. Saquon Barkley is one of the only upsides for the team. Will he repeat his rookie success?
Running Back Regular Season Props Odds
Over (1295.5) 1.85 Suspended
Under (1295.5) 1.85 Suspended

Democratic Nominee 2020

The race for the Democratic Nominee for next years US Presidential Election is heating up. Candidates will now try to meet criteria to qualify for the third debates in September. Who will be the democratic candidate?
Democratic Presidential Nomination Odds
Elizabeth Warren 3.15 Suspended
Joe Biden 3.50 Suspended
Bernie Sanders 5.80 Suspended
Kamala Harris 6.00 Suspended
Today Tie
Half Time FC Cincinnati 0 - 3 Columbus 100.00 Suspended 28.00 Suspended 1.005 Suspended
2nd Half Edmonton 1 - 1 York9 2.30 Suspended 2.15 Suspended 4.60 Suspended
5:00P FC Dallas vs Houston Dynamo 1.70 Suspended 3.60 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
7:30P Los Angeles FC vs LA Galaxy 1.26 Suspended 5.50 Suspended 7.00 Suspended