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1st 1.55 Suspended Vancouver Canucks 1 - 0 Winnipeg Jets 2.22 Suspended 16 More
2nd 1.37 Suspended Philadelphia Flyers 2 - 1 Pittsburgh Penguins 2.75 Suspended 13 More
2nd 1.90 Suspended Memphis Grizzlies (+6.5) 43 - 42 Golden State Warriors (-6.5) 1.80 Suspended 15 More
2nd 1.83 Suspended New Orleans Pelicans (-4.5) 53 - 38 Denver Nuggets (+4.5) 1.83 Suspended 14 More
6:40P 1.91 Suspended Portland Trail Blazers (-7.0) @ Los Angeles Lakers (+7.0) 1.91 Suspended 51 More
4:05P 1.96 Suspended Nashville Predators @ New York Islanders 1.85 Suspended 12 More
4:35P 1.80 Suspended Chicago Blackhawks @ Tampa Bay Lightning 2.02 Suspended 12 More
4:40P 1.91 Suspended Orlando Magic (+9.5) @ Toronto Raptors (-9.5) 1.91 Suspended 6 More
5:05P 1.91 Suspended Cleveland Cavaliers (+4.5) @ San Antonio Spurs (-4.5) 1.91 Suspended 6 More
5:40P 1.91 Suspended Oklahoma City Thunder (-1.0) @ Dallas Mavericks (+1.0) 1.91 Suspended 6 More

NBA - Western Conference Champions

We all thought the Warriors would have a breeze to the NBA Finals. However, with a serious injury to Kevin Durant the Warriors have started to show some major holes with their depth. Also, with the Spurs on fire, it may not be an easy road! You decide!
Outright Betting Odds
Golden State Warriors 1.46 Suspended
San Antonio Spurs 3.60 Suspended
Houston Rockets 11.00 Suspended
Utah Jazz 15.00 Suspended

Next Bond Girl

The newest installment of the James Bond film is coming in 2018, and with none of the cast named there are plenty of rumors surrounding who will be named the newest Bond Girl. Currently Jennifer Lopez leads the way! Who do you think it will be next?
Next Bond Girl Odds
Jennifer Lopez 7.00 Suspended
Emily Ratajkowski 8.00 Suspended
Margot Robbie 9.00 Suspended
Gal Gadot 11.00 Suspended

Next James Bond

The James Bond trilogy seems to be ending the era of Daniel Craig and look to move onto a new Bond...James Bond! Who will it be? You decide!
Next James Bond Odds
Aidan Turner 2.95 Suspended
Tom Hardy 3.35 Suspended
Michael Fassbender 3.60 Suspended
James Norton 4.60 Suspended


Do they exist? When will alien extraterrestrial life be proven? No one knows for sure and in the next 4 years anything can happen even with the recent experience of new planets! It's your call!
When will alien life be proven? Odds
2020 or Later 1.01 Suspended
2017 18.00 Suspended
2019 20.00 Suspended
2018 20.00 Suspended

Donald Trump - Canada/USA wall

We all know about Donald Trump and his praise for a Mexican wall. If he makes one down south, what is stopping him from creating one up north between Canada and the US! Will he ever announce plans of a the northern wall? You decide!
Trump Foreign Policy Specials Odds
Trump to announce plans for a wall across the Canada-US border 28.00 Suspended

MLB Regular Season Wins

Think you have a good idea of where your team will place this season? Take a swing at the over-under on total games won by each team for this MLB regular season!
Regular Season Wins Odds
Under (78.5) 1.83 Suspended
Over (78.5) 1.83 Suspended
April 11, 2017 Tie
11:45A Borussia Dortmund vs Monaco 1.58 Suspended 4.10 Suspended 4.40 Suspended
11:45A Juventus vs Barcelona 2.50 Suspended 3.05 Suspended 2.60 Suspended
April 12, 2017 Tie
11:45A Bayern Munich vs Real Madrid 1.74 Suspended 3.50 Suspended 4.10 Suspended
11:45A Atletico Madrid vs Leicester 1.24 Suspended 4.80 Suspended 10.00 Suspended

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