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Virtual Sports Games

Virtual Sports Betting

Get your sports fix with PlayNow's all new Virtual Sports games. Enjoy the thrill of your favorite sports action from car racing to horses, without the crowds or high ticket prices! With Virtual Sports you simply place your bet and watch the excitement unfold!

Virtual Sports - Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Sports are graphical representations of live sporting events. Just like real-life sporting events, they allow you to place bets before the event and then watch the action unfold. The main difference is that Virtual Sports outcomes are determined by random number generation with no skill required. Every event is a standalone - each event is unaffected by previous events.

Virtual Sports are simple and accessible to both novice and experienced sports bettors. Because the outcomes are random, you don't need to be a sports expert to play.

Clicking on any of the Virtual Sports game tiles will launch a Virtual Sports game in a new pop-up window. Place a bet on the outcome of your choice. Then watch the Virtual Sports game play out and your bet will be settled based on the game outcome.

No. Virtual Sports are graphical representations of real sports, with results determined by random number generation.

After the Virtual Sports software calculates the probability of all potential outcomes and sets the betting price accordingly, the random number generator selects a result.