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How to Play SOKO Poker

Also known as Canadian Stud or Scandinavian Stud – SOKO is a variant of Five Card Stud, offering two additional hands: a four card straight and a four card flush.

rule is abbreviation for Rules.

The SOKO Hand Rankings

  1. Royal flush
  2. Straight flush
  3. Four of a kind
  4. Full house
  5. Flush
  6. Straight
  7. Three of a kind
  8. Two pair
  9. Four card flush
  10. Four card straight
  11. One pair
  12. High card

Please note that SOKO introduces two new combinations compared to traditional hand rankings.

Four card straight is ranked above one pair and consists of any four cards of two or more suits in sequence of rank, and a fifth card that doesn't extend the sequence to a traditional five card straight.

Four card flush is ranked above four card straight and consists of four cards of the same suit and a fifth card of another suit.

Dealing the Game of SOKO

Who shows first?

In a live game, generally players who feel that they have a good opportunity to win a pot will show their hand voluntarily. However, in many instances, players all stare at each other wondering who will show their cards first. To avoid this situation, the game employs the following standard rule:

The determination of which players' cards will and must be shown first will lie with the player who had initiated the last bet, raise or re-raise.

This simply means that whoever created the last action on the Fifth Street must show his cards first. If the player who had the action checked and all players checked, then the player who had the initial option to bet would show first. If a player checks and another player bets, then the player who bet will have his/her cards shown first. If a player checks, another bets and then another player raises, the raiser's cards will be shown first.

Suppose a Player wins by default. Is the hand required to be shown?

rule Players that have won a pot do not have to show their cards if they were not called.

This means that if two or more players were playing and one player bets and the other player(s) fold, the player who has won the pot by default will not under any circumstances have their cards shown automatically. The winning players may choose to "show" or "don't show".

Do Players have to show their cards if they call a bet or a check on Fifth street?

rule Players are required to show their cards if and only if they are the player who created the last action by betting or raising.

Please note: Players may set their play to "Muck Losing Hands" in the Menu>Settings. Muck Losing Hands - checked - will mean that any losing hand will automatically muck. Muck Losing Hands - unchecked - will mean that the player will be presented with the choice to muck or show when applicable.

Who wins?

rule In the poker room, "cards speak." That means the dealer will find the best five-card hand on the table and declare it the winner based on the above SOKO hand rankings.

rule It is theoretically possible that two or more players can hold the best five-card hand. If there is a tie between two or more players, then the dealer will "split" the pot equally between all the winning players.

SOKO Notable Rules

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