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Good things came in three for PlayNow slots player!


Congratulations Stacey!

Good things came in threes for Stacey R. from Richmond who won three times within 24 hours on the online slot game Bonanza. The total winnings of $143,235 felt so unreal, that Stacey thought that maybe it was a dream.

“...this is actually happening. This is…this is real. ”

She explains, “I had to call [customer service] and [ask] ‘is this a real thing?’”.  With the win confirmed, Stacey gave the good news to her husband. “I pulled it up on my screen…[we were] looking at each other, like, this is actually happening. This is…this is real.”

“We have a bigger start to our savings. The rainy day fund has a lot more money in it. ”

2019 was a pivotal year where the family focused on health. The winnings will help turn a family dream hike to Machu Picchu into reality. This windfall allows more opportunities for Stacey and her family. “We have a bigger start to our savings. The rainy day fund has a lot more money in it.”

As a mom of three, Stacey’s priority is investing in her children’s education. After this win however, she’s now able to treat herself too and not just with sale items. She smiles and laughs, “I didn’t even buy the sale stuff. I bought regular price.”

Congratulations, Stacey! All the best to you and your family. Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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