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Something to smile about for PlayNow slots player!

Winner Brenda N.
bruce lee Logo

Congratulations Brenda!

Brenda H. of Surrey loves playing on for the excitement that the games bring. She was particularly drawn to playing the online slot game Bruce Leebecause of its “simplicity and a fair chance at winning”. Little did she know that this was going to be the day she won $167,076!

“...give me an opportunity to help the people that are important in my life”

Although she just won this jackpot, Brenda plans to go on with life the same way as before — reading and knitting her way through the day while playing her favourite slot and instants games on Aside from playing Bruce Lee, she really enjoys playing the Egyptian-themed games such as Cleopatra slots and scratch.

Now with a bit of extra cash, Brenda is going to give herself something she’s wanted for a long time — a new smile! She feels “incredibly fortunate and blessed” that this win is going to “give me an opportunity to help the people that are important in my life.”

Congratulations, Brenda! Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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