Congratulations Katherine!


Katherine hits the Chain Reactors Trails for a win!

A $115,076.88 win is surely an exciting way to spend a day! Even our new PlayNow winner agrees; asked to describe, in one word, how it felt to win, the first thing Katherine T. said was "Exciting!"

This Chain Reactors Trails winner first signed up on 10 years ago but has been playing in the PlayNow casino for three years. "I like that I don't have to drive out to the casino," confessed Katherine, "It's a bit of a drive, and Cranbrook winters are cold!"

Drawn to the progressive jackpots on PlayNow, Katherine likes to play all the newly released games - especially her old favourites that can be found on land based casinos.

As soon as Katherine T saw the number on the screen at home, she called out to her husband.

"He had to come over and see for himself before he would believe me," said Katherine T with a smile, "I texted my kids and they thought I had won $115, and not over $115,000!"

Asked of any plans for the winnings, "Definitely plan on taking a trip, maybe joining friends of ours in Las Vegas. Will also make sure all the bills are paid off as well!"

Congratulations, Katherine!