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No Joking Around Here! Slots Player Spins His Way to $137K!

Winner Kevin L.
Chain Reactors Super Trails

Congratulations Kevin!

As far as Thanksgivings go, Kevin L. recently had one of the most memorable ones of his life. Kevin won a shocking $137,478.93 playing the online slot game Chain Reactors Super Trails on right around Thanksgiving as he recalls.

“... I had won some [in the past], but never this big”

“My wife asked if I was joking,” says Kevin. “[The win] was right around Thanksgiving so I said ‘oh big dinner for Thanksgiving this year’” 

Kevin and his wife used to like going to the casino with friends prior to COVID, but he also has been a player for the past 3-4 years where he enjoys playing slots and the lottery. He won the Jackpot after receiving 30 Goldie symbols playing Chain Reactors Super Trails online at

“This was the biggest day of my life.”

Kevin plans to use some of his winnings towards his children’s education. “My son is an engineering major, it’s lots of money… [the win] can help my son and daughter finish school.” 

Congratulations, Kevin! Wishing you and your family all the best. Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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