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The feeling of excitement is the real win for Vancouver PlayNow slots winner

Winner Jordan M.
Cleopatra 20 Line

Congratulations Jordan!

Jordan M. of Vancouver knows that PlayNow is an entertainment destination. For him, it’s not about the win, but the fun of playing. While playing the online slots game, Cleopatra, Jordan ended up with wins totaling $191,225.

“…and then it was just jackpot, jackpot, jackpot.”

While playing, the Wilds just kept coming, “…and then it was just jackpot, jackpot, jackpot.”, Jordan remarks. The spinning felt like an eternity with the bonuses piling up.

“The excitement of winning was what I got.”

While the money is nice, it’s the feeling of excitement when you win that Jordan really loves. “The excitement of winning was what I got.”

By playing online, you can take the action anywhere, anytime. Jordan was playing in the kitchen when he won, “I turned my kitchen into the kitchen casino.”

How is he celebrating his win? Jordan’s quite the entertainer and is inviting his friends over for steak.

Congratulations, Jordan! Well played. Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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