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A Canadian road trip is in the works for this $233,350 casino winner of Burnaby


Congratulations Pat!

Pat M. of Burnaby has had quite the legendary experience with since joining just under a year ago. The most notable experience being his recent $233,350 win after playing one of his favourite online slots games, Legend of the Pharaohs.

Before Pat became a Member on, he was “playing free slots for a bit of time and thought might as well play for money”, which ended up being a life-changing decision. When asked if he plans to continue playing his favourite slot games, Legend of the Pharaohs and Dr. Jekyll Goes Wild, he laughed and said “I will, I just won another $10,000 this morning, it’s unbelievable!”

Pat was at his friend's house when he found out he had won the jackpot, “[his friend] didn’t believe it at the start, then I told him to look at my account! We both freaked out.” He later called his wife, who had a similar reaction “she didn’t believe me at first. But now it’s a different story” he grinned.

This $233,350 win means that Pat will be able to cover the renovations being done to his home and that his cross Canada road trip can happen sooner than originally planned. He “had a pretty good win in October and got a nice truck” he would like to “go all the way to Newfoundland [with]. I went across Canada as a young kid and there was stuff I didn't see that I want to see.”

Safe travels and congratulations Pat, wishing you all the best!

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