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This is no prank! player wins $224,405 just one day after April Fools.


Congratulations Kayla!

Kayla R. of Victoria thought there “must’ve been a glitch” in the system when her account showed $224,405 after playing the online slots game Lock it Link Night Life!

Kayla shared that she enjoys visiting the land-based casino in her hometown, Elements Casino Victoria, but the convenience of playing from home fits into her busy life. After seeing someone win the jackpot with Lock it Link Night Life at Elements, Kayla went on and “noticed it was online, and thought [she’d] try it out.”

At first, Kayla wasn’t aware she had won the $224,405 jackpot, “I had the game on silent but then I saw the balance in my PlayNow account and was like no way!” She was still in disbelief up until visiting the BCLC office to claim her prize.

Kayla then shared the news with her mom and given the timing of the win, her mom thought she was joking, “you know April fools was yesterday right, it’s now April second” and then hung up on her. Kayla chuckled, admitting she was guilty of pranking her mom in the past. Her mom now calls every day asking “are you sure you won?”

This $224,405 win will be life-changing for Kayla, “it means that if I want to get up and do something, I can go do it right away.” Although she has no plans for celebrating yet, she’d like to take care of her mom and daughter “I always said if I ever came across money like this that I’d like to help them out.”

Congratulations Kayla, wishing you and your family all the best!

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