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Wedding bells are ringing a little louder for Online Slots Winner Tracie G.


Congratulations Tracie!

Tracie G. of Peachland is feeling “amazing and crazy excited” after winning $162,000 from Pots O’Luck on — an online slots game with a jackpot pool that accumulates from multiple jurisdictions across Canada.

She began playing online slots for fun on three weeks ago and “didn’t think [she] was going to win this much.” Tracie was playing Pots O’Luck on her mobile phone, suddenly “all these gold coins started popping up and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!”

Tracie immediately showed her fiance her account balance and “he didn't believe me, he thought it was play money at first.” She then shared the good news with her friend who introduced her to, “he was really happy for me!”

It has been a week long celebration for Tracie and her family. This win has been “amazing” for Tracie, who has always wanted to purchase an SUV and a property in Arizona, “now I can do that!” Tracie and her fiance plan on getting married next year, “my wedding just got a bit bigger” she grins.

Congratulations Tracie, wishing you and your family all the best!

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