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Lottery Dreams Realized for Delta Winner Who Purchased Ticket on


Congratulations Jolene!

Delta’s Jolene L. just moved into a new home with her husband, and will be able to pay off her mortgage a whole lot quicker after she matched five numbers to win Daily Grand’s secondary prize in the April 20, 2020 draw .

“I couldn’t believe it right away,”

“I couldn’t believe it right away,” said Jolene, who opted to take the lump sum prize of $500,000 over $25,000 a year for life. I had to put my phone down for a few minutes because I was shaking and it didn’t seem real.”

Jolene was working from home when she had discovered she was a big winner.

 “I think I have you beat.”

“I was working early on Tuesday morning,” said Jolene. “My husband texted me saying he had won $10 on his tickets, so I checked mine. When I found out I won Daily Grand, I took a screenshot of the win and sent it to him and said ‘I think I have you beat’.”

Jolene bought her winning ticket through’s lottery subscription , and has been buying her lottery tickets online for the last four years.

 “I find buying online so much more convenient.”

“I find buying online so much more convenient. It guarantees that I’ll never lose my ticket or the dog won’t eat them,” she said. “Before, my husband and I were bad at checking our lottery tickets when we went out to buy them.”

Congratulations Jolene! Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

Daily Grand is a nationwide lottery game drawn on Mondays and Thursdays after 7:30 p.m. (PST), with a top prize of $1,000 a day for life. Players can purchase tickets at lottery retailers or at . Players can now check their lottery tickets anytime, anywhere using the BCLC Lotto! App .

BCLC offers socially responsible gambling entertainment while generating income to benefit British Columbians. Remember, play for fun, not to make money. For more information, visit .