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'Bad Beat' Leads to $377K Jackpot for Penticton Poker Player

Poker Winner

Congratulations Chaudhary!

It’s exceptionally rare to lose a poker hand with quad 10’s – four of a kind – but that’s what happened to Penticton’s Chaudhary I. However, his losing hand turned into the biggest poker win of his life, landing the $377,948 Bad Beat Jackpot .

Chaudhary I. was playing Poker online, at the table with seven other players. He had pocket 10’s (10♣,10♦) and the flop (10♠,10♥,6♦) gave him quad 10’s, but the river (8♠) and turn (7♠) had him considering the small chance that one of his opponents had a straight flush.

 “I raised all-in and felt confident.”

“It was almost impossible to beat quad 10’s, and after the turn, I raised all-in and felt confident,” says Chaudhary I. “I wasn’t expecting a straight flush and expected my opponent to fold.”

Sure enough, his opponent’s hand (6♠,9♠) gave the opponent the straight flush needed to win the hand. However, Chaudhary I.’s losing hand gave him the Bad Beat Jackpot prize, which grows from every raked hand across in B.C. and Manitoba, as well as Quebec’s online gambling site, until it’s won.

“ hasn’t quite sunk in yet!”

“It took a couple of seconds, but it showed I had won the Bad Beat Jackpot for $377,948 and I was so excited,” says Chaudhary I. “It’s such a huge prize and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.”

Chaudhary I., who plays poker on occasion at Cascades Casino Penticton , signed up for his account one month ago, shortly after B.C. casinos and community gaming centers were temporarily closed, following a directive issued by the Attorney General and Provincial Health Officer.

“I had been looking to play online even before the closure, and one of my poker buddies told me that BCLC was offering regulated online gambling,” says Chaudhary I. “I also appreciate being able to set weekly limits for myself on the site as well.”

Chaudhary I. says he hasn’t planned on what to do with his winnings yet, but he’d like to take his poker buddies on a vacation overseas once travel restrictions are lifted.

Congratulations, Chaudhary I.! Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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