Congratulations Louis!

Louis N.

Louis N. of Richmond was a winner in the Week One NFL Pool

The first NFL Pool of the season was a winner, with 11 different winning tickets sharing the jackpot of $50,000 earlier this month.

Louis N. of Richmond was among the winners; in fact, Louis had two winning tickets – both purchased for the minimum wager of $5 and well before the opening day of the 2019-20 NFL season.

Louis purchased the first winning ticket for the pool back on June 19, shortly after it had become available at, and well before teams began the grind of training camp.

The winning ticket included picking the Tennessee Titans to win on the road against the Cleveland Browns – a team that had been hyped up all offseason among the Super Bowl outright favourites – and was capped off with the Oakland Raiders defeating the Denver Broncos in the Monday Night Football double-header finale.

Louis then purchased a second winning ticket for the pool on Aug. 9 – while teams were in the midst of preseason. All of those picks cashed in, and Louis collected more than $9,000 in winnings from the pool.

The Week Three NFL Pool is now available at with a jackpot of $20,000, and a minimum $5 bet to enter. If there is no pool winner for the week, the jackpot will roll into Week Four. The NHL Pool is also now available for the first weekend of the upcoming regular season (Oct. 5-6). The jackpot starts at $10,000.