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George G. won big betting on NFL with Sports Action Toto!!

Winner George P.


Congratulations George!

George G. loves his football, and he recently won $26,746.18 betting on NFL Games with Sports Action Toto!

“Having a bet on the game makes it more exciting,” George said recently, after going 12-for-13 with his NFL Toto picks for the Oct. 3 menu, to collect his portion of the prize pool.

Available at retail locations, Toto is a popular game with Sports Action players. Menus range from football, hockey, basketball and soccer. Players can win or share the prize pool by correctly predicting the outcomes of 11, 12, or 13 games available in each select menu.

“I have been playing Toto for over 25 years and my favourite team is the L.A. Rams,” said George. “I was in the casino when I found out that I had won, and my first thought was, ‘Wow!’ I had to double check the menu to make sure I wasn’t looking at the wrong one.”

Sports Pools are currently unavailable on An enhanced Pools experience is set to launch in 2022, however, for players interested in playing Pools now, that option remains available through Sports Action Toto at retail.

Toto tickets range in price from $1 to $972, and players have the option to select multiple outcomes for games included in a specific menu. This includes selections on the visiting team, home team or a tie (various Sports Action Toto tie rules are specific to each sport), with a variety of combinations of single selections (choosing one outcome for one game), double selections (choosing two outcomes for one game) or triple selections (choosing three outcomes for one game) when completing picks for a Toto ticket.

What will George do with his winnings?

“I am going to share my win with some friends and family. My wife for sure. I am also going to go out for a nice dinner.”

Running and passing plays each have their purpose in a game. Each wager you make should also have a purpose: so you can enjoy the game. If you gamble, use your GameSense. Must be 19+ to play.

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