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PlayNow slots winner is saying 'yes' to her dream wedding dress!

Winner Sarah T.
Kitty Glitter
Dancing Drums
Jin Ji Bao Xi

Congratulations Sarah!

What an unbelievable sight! Sarah T. of North Vancouver was shocked to see she had won $100,100 playing a variety of online slot games “I was stunned… I had to count the zeros to make sure!”

“I was stunned... I had to count the zeros to make sure!”

Sarah travels quite frequently within B.C. and on a recent trip, “I was sitting in the hotel by myself” and she decided, “why not log on [to PlayNow] and play?” She usually plays the slot games Spartacus and Kitty Glitter at our land-based casinos, she had never played them online until now. After seeing the featured Lunar New Year slot games, Dancing Drums and Jin Ji Bao Xi, she thought “I might as well try them out too.”

“feels so surreal to me, it hasn’t hit me yet.”

She started off with some smaller wins before winning a few larger prizes, at the end of the night, her winnings totalled over $100,000. Sarah stared at her account balance and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Even now, the whole experience “feels so surreal to me, it hasn’t hit me yet.” she shares.  

Sarah is currently planning her wedding, “I’ve been saving up for a while and now I can get a more expensive dress than I budgeted for!” she happily shares. She is looking forward to starting the next chapter of her life with a bit of comfort from this win. 

Congratulations, Sarah! All the best to you and your family. Anyone can win, #YouCouldBeNext

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