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PlayNow slots winner is looking for a new home!

Winner Jenn L.
odds of the gods Logo

Congratulations Jenn!

Jenn L. of North Vancouver is now in the market for a new home after winning $199,398.10 on the online slot game, Odds of the Gods!

She had been playing Rumble in the Jungle until our recent winner won the jackpot. “I started playing [Odds of the Gods] and was winning small amounts” she recalls “I never thought about winning a jackpot!”

It’s hard to imagine what to do first after winning but Jenn knew right away. “My husband wanted to drink champagne and orange juice to celebrate” but she had a better plan in mind.

The couple will be putting the money towards a downpayment on their first home together, “we’ve always had to rent and I just want the security of owning my own home.”

Jenn mentioned she will continue to play slot games and lottery on PlayNow. She remembers joining PlayNow for the convenience of being able to buy lottery tickets online , “I like to choose what I’m buying every week.”

Congratulations and happy house hunting, Jenn! Anyone can win #YouCouldBeNext.

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