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Lotto Max winner from says the experience has been surreal!


Congratulations David

David Y. of Oyama set up a Lottery Subscription on before leaving for his trip to Mexico. Imagine the surprise when he found out he had matched six of seven numbers to win $303,065.90 from the February 15, 2019, Lotto Max draw, just days before coming home!

The first time he set up a Lottery Subscription was just over the holidays, before visiting his daughter “I knew I couldn’t buy the tickets while in the Atlantic coast, so I bought 5 weeks [worth of draws.]” This time for Mexico “I did it again, I didn’t realize how easy it was [to buy lottery tickets online] I would have done it years ago.

While in Mexico, David got an email notification saying his account balance was over $10,000. “I couldn’t get into my PlayNow account over there” so he immediately went to the BCLC website to check the winning numbers. “I saw the amount and that the winner is from and I thought only one person in Canada [won] and that was me! What are the odds of that?” Coming in to claim his prize, he admitted that he was still in disbelief, “I think when I have the [physical] cheque and put it in my account [...] will it sink in”

Being away from the country, David hasn’t told anyone here about his win yet. He plans on sharing the good news with his kids, “I think they’ll be pretty happy” he smiled.  To celebrate, David and his friends went for a small dinner in Mexico. Aside from that, he plans on paying off his mortgage, “it’s going to change my life a bit and take some stress off me.

Congratulations David, wishing you the best!

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