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Surrey Woman Surprises Husband with $1 Million Win!

Winner Doris A.


Congratulations Doris!

When Doris C. saw that she got an email notification the night of the Lotto Max prize draw, she thought that it was for a free play or a small amount. To her own surprise, that email was for a whole lot more! Doris had just won one of the 70 MAXMILLION prizes from the June 18, 2021 draw!

“I was kind of shocked and I couldn’t believe it”

The next day, the first person Doris told was her husband. “I didn’t know how to tell him, so instead I asked him “what would you do if you had $1 Million?” Doris recalls her husband looking at her in confusion and asking “'Wait, did you win the lottery?” To which she responded, “yes, I did!”

“He couldn’t believe that I had won, soI had to log onto my account and show him!”

In terms of what she will be doing with her winnings, Doris has a couple of ideas in mind. She talked about how she would love to share a portion with her family, save for her son’s education, donate to her favourite charities and invest the remainder.

Congratulations, Doris! Wishing you and your family all the best! Anyone could win, #YouCouldBeNext.

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