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Challenge Tournament Info

Challenge Sit & Go's are a unique tournament format where players cannot be eliminated! The tournament is played over a fixed time period or number of hands, with each player's chip stack reset after each hand. Each player's score is determined by the total amount of chips they have won or lost throughout the game, with their current score displayed next to their nickname. The blinds remain at the same level for the duration of the tournament, and when the tournament has completed, the players with the highest scores win a share of the prize pool.


  • As players cannot be eliminated and the tournament lasts for a fixed duration, players know how long they will be playing for, unlike standard tournaments.
  • The games play in a similar fashion to cash games but without the risk of losing multiple buy-ins, as players only buy-in once with a fixed amount.

Additional details

  • Poker Challenges are a game format invented by IGT and not offered by anyone else.
  • This game type can also be applied to scheduled multi-table tournaments but is more suitable for Sit & Go's.
  • Payout structures can be configured to pay as many places as desired, and the number of seats per tournament is configurable as with standard Sit & Go's, so they can be offered in Heads-Up games, or 6-seater for example.
  • The game format works best with short time/hands durations and with the same blind level throughout, although it's possible to configure increasing blind levels.
  • If setting the tournament duration by time limit, it may result in players deliberately running down the clock towards the end of the game to protect a winning position, so using a fixed number of hands instead of time may create a better playing experience.

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