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Head Hunter Tournament Info

In Head Hunter tournaments, part of the prize pool is paid to players finishing in the highest positions (as with standard tournaments), and part is paid out as bounty prizes. Each player has a bounty prize on their head, which is awarded to the player who knocks them out of the tournament. When a player wins a bounty prize, part of the prize amount is added to their own bounty value, making themselves a more valuable target.

The overall winner of the tournament also wins the remaining bounty prize value on their own head.

In cases of eliminations where there are side pots won by different players, the bounty winner is the player to have won the last of the eliminated player's chips.


  • Prizes are spread across more players. Whereas a standard tournament may only award prizes to around 15% of the entrants, Head Hunter tournaments result in a much higher percentage of entrants winning a prize. For players, this can make the format more attractive as they are more likely to knockout players to win a prize than reach the final table. With a more even distribution of prizes this has a positive effect on site ecology, with player deposits lasting longer.
  • Interesting game variation for players, which requires a different strategic approach as the value of opponent's and their own bounty prizes must be factored into every gameplay decision, as well as the relative chip stack sizes of players.

Additional details

  • The percentage of the prize pool awarded as bounties can be customised for each tournaments. CPN currently use a 50/50 split for all Head Hunter tournaments between standard payouts and bounty prizes.
  • The percentage of the bounty prize that is added to the surviving player's head is customisable per tournament. CPN currently use a 75/25% split for all Head Hunter tournaments, whereby 75% of the bounty is awarded as the prize, and 25% is added to the surviving player's own bounty value.
  • "Terminator" tournaments on CPN are a variation of this format, where 100% of the prize pool is awarded as bounty prizes, and each bounty winner keeps 100% of all bounty prizes won, therefore all player's bounty prize amounts remain fixed for the duration of the tournament.

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