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Multi-Entry Tournaments

Multi-entry tournaments allow players to register for the same tournament multiple times, with each entry being allocated their own separate seat and chip stack. A player can never occupy more than one seat at the same tournament table, so multiple entries are always allocated seats at different tables. If a player has more entries than there are tables remaining, two of their entries chip stacks will be merged into one.

Players can purchase additional entries before the tournament starts or at any time whilst playing during the late registration period, up to the maximum amount allowed for that tournament.


  • Boosts prize pools compared to freezeout tournaments.
  • Allows players to become more used to multi-tabling.
  • Added strategical element to the game compared to standard tournaments, as players decide how best to use their multiple stacks, particularly when they are approaching a stage of the tournament where their chip stacks are due to be merged soon.

Additional information

  • Players can see how many entries they have taken against the maximum allowed in the Tournament Info screen.
  • Players can win multiple prizes if they still have two or more separate seats/stacks by the time the prize paying positions are reached (eg they could finish 11th and 15th and win prizes for both positions from different stacks/seats).
  • Players are allocated a number after their nickname for each entry, which is shown both at the table and the player rankings list, eg "Nickname 1" for their first entry, and "Nickname 2" for their second.
  • Once a player is eliminated, they can no longer purchase additional entries, regardless of whether they have reached the maximum amount permitted or not.

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