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Re-Entry Tournament Info

Re-entry tournaments allow players to register again for the same tournament after they have been eliminated, for as long as late registration is available. Unlike rebuy tournaments, players who re-enter are allocated a new tournament seat. There is a limit to how many times a player can re-enter, as stated in the tournament information.


  • Larger tournament prize pools.
  • The nature of gameplay is more similar to a 'freezeout' rather than a rebuy, given re-entries are limited and players are allocated new seats. Some players don't like rebuy tournaments given the nature of gameplay involves more risk-taking during the rebuy period.
  • It increases the number of tournaments available for players to register for. This is particularly important if there is a limited selection of tournaments in a player's price range, as they will also be able to choose tournaments they have already been eliminated from, if late registration is still available.

Additional information

  • Each player's nickname will have a "1" added to it for their initial entry, eg "Nickname 1" both at the table and in the player rankings list. For their second and following entries it will show with a "2", then "3" and so on.
  • Players can only re-enter after being eliminated, so cannot have multiple entries or purchase more chips for their existing stack in this format.
  • Bounty/Terminator tournaments can also be re-entry.
  • The number of re-entries allowed is configurable per tournament.
  • After being eliminated, players can choose to re-enter immediately or wait until a later time, for as long as late registration is still available.

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