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Congratulations Christopher!

Christopher B.

Christopher scored a huge win with his Sports Action Toto picks!

Christopher B. has been playing Sports Action Toto for 10 years, and he scored big last month by going 12-for-13 with his NFL picks and winning $81,014.80.

“I was at home when I found out how much I had won and I was shocked,” says Christopher, whose winning Toto ticket came in Week Six of the NFL season. “I thought for sure I’d be splitting the jackpot with a couple other people.”

No Toto players went 13-for-13 with their picks that week, and Christopher was the only player to go 12-for-13, giving him a massive win on just a $24 wager. The only pick he didn’t get correct was the Sunday night game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Chargers.

Christopher took the tie, however, the Steelers scored a seven-point road victory that night.

Among his plans for the winnings is a trip to a tropical destination.

“We are also going to Hawaii in just over a month,” says Christopher, who plays Sports Action Toto for both NFL and NHL. “So it will help with the trip expenses.”

Christopher says he plans to continue playing Sports Action Toto, as well as Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 and Daily Grand.

Launched in 1991, Sports Action menus are available at Lottery retailer locations throughout the province of British Columbia.